21 comments on “Notepad++ on Mac OSX (Update)

  1. Hii! i came across your site while searching how to install notepad++ on my new macbook and i cant seem to understand how to install Wine on my mac. I would very appreciate if you can guide me please.

    • Oded,

      I used a Wine build called “WineBottler” (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/) and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. There was a recent update to the program (July I think?), so it’s a supported package and not abandoned. OSX Tiger is no longer supported, but I think he has older versions still hosted on his site if you use Tiger.

      For installation, this is a good source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/sleeping-with-the-enemy-running-windows-programs-on-your-mac-using-winebottler/
      (download either Lion or previous versions here: http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/wine/)

      When you launch Wine after installation, a wine-glass icon appears in your upper-left menu-bar (next to the Wi-Fi and battery icons). When you click on it there is an option called “Winetricks” that will let you install dependencies, like .net binaries(?) which will allow a larger set of programs to run. Each program is different, so if something doesn’t run right off the bat, enable Winetricks and see if the software requires a new dependency.

      Once you have Wine installed, just download the .exe for Notepad++ and install it like a normal program–wine will take over and make the process look fairly transparent!

      One word of caution: I have Snow Leopard and I just upgraded Winebottler when I opened the program to write this reply, and the upgrade causes the program not to work anymore–so I had to downgrade it back to the previous version. Just FYI if you run into the same program.

      I hope this helps!

  2. hi, i think your tutorial is great and understandable.
    but, if found problems installing notepad+
    wine successfully installed. but when wine took care of notepad+ installation, the installation says, i need run.dll and any other several files that comes with windows files.
    i have wine latest version installed. but it just won’t do the trick.
    and also, i’m using osx mountain lion latest update.
    hope you could help. thanks.

    • Hello Novia Agatha,

      When you go to the Notepad++ website (http://notepad-plus-plus.org/), click on the download button on the left-hand side, then again on the green download button on the new page. That will save the .exe file to your browser’s download directory.

      When you double-click on the .exe file, you will be given the option to “Run directly in [file path]” or “Convert to simple OSX application”. Select “Run directly in…”

      Once you do that it will take about 15-30 seconds for the “Installer Language” window to appear. Proceed as if it were a normal installation and keep the installation directory as C:\Program Files\Notepad++\. Keep the other default selections unless you wish to change them (like the old icon or additional language packs, etc).

      When it is finished installing it will give you a window with a check on “Run Notepad++ v6.2” and a “Finish” button. If you leave the check on and click finish the program will launch as normal. You should have full functionality from this point.

      I had trouble getting the application to launch correctly using the other method (Convert to simple OSX application). It is probably because I was doing it incorrectly–but I did notice the application was quite a bit larger (85MBish) compared to the “Run directly in….” method (I didn’t calculate the final size, but it looked more like 15-20MB).

      Please let me know if this corrects the issue you were experiencing, if not I’ll see if I missed anything during the install process with WineBottler or WineTricks that I didn’t note and might have had an impact.

      – Mike

      • Hello BnBGobo99,

        Thank you for your statement but it’s not work since my Mac has been installed Windows VMWare Fusion (on the MAC HOST) already.

        Doing as your guidance, it automatically turn on the WM machine in and let us to install the notepad++ (file.exe) under Window system.

        I am expecting to have the other way for this case…


  3. This is fantastic and I really appreciate you lettings us know about it. What I’m having a problem with now though is finding the program after I’ve installed it? I’ve had it running two or three times and I keep having to reinstall. It’s not causing me problems now, but I’m wondering if I’m not saving it to the right location or something? Could you list the steps for opening a program (notepad++, specifically if thats okay) and running it after closing out completely?

    Also, Is there a way to put a shortcut on my mac desktop or applications folder? Or maybe even run it through in the magnifying glass in the top right corner? I don’t know how it’s done, but I’ve seen other people run programs there after playing in terminal.

    Just thought I would ask to make my work flow easier. I really appreciate this!

    • Did you ever figure out how to access Notepad++ after the initial install? I’m having the same problem. I had no problem with accessing N++ using Wine under Linux after the fact, but under OSX no such luck.

      • Sorry for not replying to Meredith sooner, I hope you were able to find the solution.

        I recently did a full re-install and took screenshots of the entire process, and I hope to get a new tutorial up soon.

        To access the programs after they have been installed, just right click on the WINE icon in the menubar, then go to “File Manager”. It might take a little pause before it comes up, but once it does you can select your programs from their installation folders.

        Notepad++ will be in the “Program Files\Notepad++\” folder.

        I wish there was a better way, such as desktop icons, but I haven’t found a quick solution to that yet.

        I’ve been able to run Office 2003*, CivNet (original Civilization game for network play), and Lotus Forms Viewer with this method. *Although Office 2003 is pretty buggy on WINE. I don’t have licenses to newer versions so I couldn’t try them out.

      • Yeah, I found that option as well. I guess I was hoping that it would be more like the version under Linux. Oh well. Thanks for the quick response.

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  5. …i just got over this page while searching for my mac edition of n++++++ what i have been doing so frequently ever since // im so exited ¿¿ .-) i cant downlaod it juSt NoW due to my bad connection, but it just makes me being all exited about starting my tests on this adapted release …
    Sounds to me like a shrinked package version of what i used to know as the fasmous whine bottler ??
    I shall get back to you and give you my expertise – – but regardless on its outcome: very very nice!!

  6. if you work with notepad++ on mac for years may be you could help to solve the problem with launching natepad++ in chrom.I’ve downloaded Wine and notepad++ but can’t check HTML code. Thank you

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