3 comments on “Wing Commander’s Coin (Blender, GIMP, Inkscape)

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  2. Very nice work. Thank you for your service, btw.

    I have a question: I work in the fire service and we use challenge coins also. Any suggestions on where to send these for production? Any idea how much they cost per coin? We could use these after strike teams and wild land fires.

    Thanks. Great breakdown.


    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for taking a look, and thank you and your brethren for the service you perform to our communities each day.

      The coins we ordered this time around we’re done by Coin Force. I think they came out to about $6 each plus a $100-$200 die fee. They took a long time to come in, we submitted the final order in January and they didn’t arrive until May. This was the fourth coin I’ve worked on and none of the others took as long as this one, so I think it was because of the shape or maybe a manufacturing delay of some kind.

      One coin I worked on was a poker chip, and that was pretty cool because it was much cheaper, quicker, and you could carry it with you in your pocket without taking much weight. You should be able to mint metal coins without color and use pre-fabricated design elements for as low as $3 per coin using companies like Coin Force… Each color may cost about $.25 or $.50 per coin. Special shapes or border edges will drive them up a few dollars per coin. Best wishes on your team’s coin!

      – Mike

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