About Studio Greenleaf

Studio Greenleaf is the name I have chosen for my “dream studio”.  I do not own a company, but if I did, Studio Greenleaf would be its name.  I plan on using this blog to show my works, experiments, and tests.  I also have three long-term projects planned that I hope to complete beforemy days end.  Each of those projects will be given a space in this blog as I develop them.  There will be more to follow in this blog, but for now please let me welcome you, enjoy your visit, and please feel free to comment or ask questions!

Thank you,

Michael Fink
Studio Greenleaf


3 comments on “About Studio Greenleaf

  1. Good stuff… I like it! I’ve been meaning to ask you if and or what your aim is with your studio. Looks like you’re much farther along than I am. Good job.

    • Thanks for the comment, Troy, and thanks for visiting my site. 🙂
      Ideally I would like to have a small studio off to the side with 10-15 employees working on Father Lehi and Winter Quarters. If I could get those two films made I would be satisfied in life.

      Realistically, Studio Greenleaf may never leave the spare bedroom. But even if it stays just a dream, I won’t regret the fun I had making all those “tests” and unfinished projects.

  2. I am former military and browsed your material on blender s/w. Pretty intense. i stumbled across the “Quick Logger Gold 2000!” during my search for Loggers/blog creation your blog was dated on Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:42 pm ” addressed “http://blenderworld.forumotion.com/t176-bunny-s-thread-of-mentorship#top”

    I solved your “category input” if your interested…

    Also,Thank you for serving our military…

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