13 comments on “Inkscape to Blender

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  2. Wow. This is a very useful tutorial! Thanks a lot!

    Oh, and by the way! How did you render you example images with a completely white background? I have been looking for a solution to that for quite a while (I am kind of new to Blender). Can the white background render be achieved in Cycles or do you need to use Blender Internal?
    You would really help me out if you could lead me on the right path, but thanks again for an awesome tutorial!

    • Hey Stephen, thanks for checking out the tutorial!

      I made a few adjustments to my Blender setup to get the look you see in the renders. I’m adding those steps to the post now (it should take about 10-15 minutes to go live). Please let me know if it helps out or not, and welcome to the Blender community!

      (I should add that the backgrounds are white because the WordPress background is white. Since the images themselves have alpha transparency instead of backgrounds, whatever the background color is where the images are posted will show through the image itself. Keep in mind this only keeps if you save the file as a .png with RGBA. If you save the file as a .jpg then the background goes to black, at least with my setup it did.)

      Also, there is a small be very friendly Blender community at blenderworld.forumotion.com, I invite you to check it out! 🙂

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